Past & Present Chapter Restoration Projects

Should you have a desire to fund a project on a personal level, the Current Wishbook offers many opportunities
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  • Patrons Adopt The Gallery of the Maps

    The California Patrons are sponsoring our most ambitious restoration in our nearly 30 year history. We have adopted the Gallery of the Maps, one of the most magnificent places in the Vatican Museums. Pope Gregory XIII commissioned the Gallery in 1578. It is over a football field in length, twenty feet wide, and covered with […]
  • Patrons Fund Mass Spectrometer For Vatican Lab

    The California Patrons have funded the acquisition of a unique piece of scientific equipment, a Mass Spectrometer, which can reveal the chemical composition of works of art and the origins of the materials. The Vatican Laboratory requested a Nexion 300X ICP-MS, manufactured by an American company, Perkins Elmer. This machine analyzes the chemical compositions of […]
  • 17th Century Celestial Globe Restored

    Thanks to a grant from the California Patrons, a second magnificent 17th century globe is now restored. Last year, Dr. Chiara Fornaciari of the Vatican’s Paper Restoration Lab, completed the restoration of a Terrestrial Globe by the great Dutch cartographer and engraver Willem Janszoon Blaeuw (1571-1638). Due to the fragile nature of the globe, which was […]

Past Restorations

  • Restoration of the Vatican Gardens

    Although many of the degradation problems affecting the works were similar, the pieces displayed various levels of deterioration due to differences in placement (major or minor exposure to sunlight and rainfall), constituent materials, and the presence of previous restorations and/or the reassembly of fragments or parts of the works. – General diagnosis of different pieces, […]
  • Etruscan Burial Caldron Restored

    Due to the generosity of Patrons Ann Marie and Chris Scibelli, the California Patrons have funded the restoration of an Etruscan Caldron, called a “lebete,” and its accompaning tripod. The large hemispherical caldron was discovered in 1836 during archeological excavations at the Necropolis of Sorbe in Cerveteri, north of Rome. Archpriest Negolini and General Galassi […]
  • Bucker’s Kruzifixus Restored

    Thanks to a gift from Patrons Janet and Michael Feeley, the California Patrons have sponsored the restoration of the wooden sculpture “Kruzifixus” by German artist Gerhard Heinrich Bucker (1922-2008). The artist donated the work at the opening of the Vatican Museum of Contemporary Art Collection in 1973. Created in 1962, it was crafted during a […]
  • Etruscan Ritual Brazier Restored by Patrons

    The California Patrons sponsored the restoration of a special Etruscan brazier and oven rake. The brazier and oven rake date back to the 4th Century BC and were used for ritual offerings to the gods during burial rites. They were found in the 19th century in the Necropolis of Vulci located in the Maremma region. […]
  • Ushabti Box Restored By Patrons

    The California Patrons have funded the restoration of a 3000 year old decorated wooden box from ancient Egypt. The ushabti box served as a container for small statues which were buried in the tombs of important nobles. Ancient Egyptians believed the statuettes would perform work for the deceased in the afterlife, such as agricultural labors. […]
  • Patrons Sponsor Vatican Exhibition At The Bowers

    The California Patrons have made a grant to sponsor the exhibition Gods and Gifts: the Vatican Ethnological Collection at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. In response to the outstanding reviews received by an exhibition of some 35 pieces from the Vatican collection at the de Young Museum in San Francisco earlier this year (see […]
  • Madonna and Child Restored for Papal Midnight Mass

    Through the generosity of Patrons Michael and Allyson Kinney, the California Patrons sponsored the restoration of a special 14th century statute of Madonna and Child. For many years this polychrome statue of the Enthroned Madonna with the Christ Child has been displayed in St. Peter’s Basilica for the Holy Father’s celebration of Christmas Mass. The […]