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Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty

Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty


Over 60 California Patrons kicked off the new year with a visit to the Getty Museum in Brentwood. On Tuesday, January 14, we braved the 80 degree temperature for a spectacular view from the Pacific Ocean to downtown Los Angeles and docentled tour of the exhibition: “Canterbury and St. Albans: Treasures from Church and Cloister.” The curator of the exhibition, Jeffrey Weaver, guided us through this remarkable interplay between two masterpieces of English medieval art: stained glass from Canterbury Cathedral and pages from the illuminated book of psalms known as the St. Albans Psalter. As Weaver wrote: “Uniting the intimate art of book illumination with monumental glass painting, this exhibition explores how specific texts, prayers, and environments shaped medieval viewers’ understanding of pictures in the era of artistic renewal following the Norman Conquest of England. Life-size paintings on glass depict the ancestors of Christ,
and richly ornamented illuminations translate biblical texts into luminous pictures. The panels of glass have been temporarily de-installed and pages from the St. Albans Psalter, unbound— allowing visitors to experience these works at a proximity enjoyed by few in their long and storied histories. The windows would have been visible to monks sitting in the communal space of the cathedral’s choir, and the psalter was meant to be held in one’s hands as an object of personal devotion. The early 12th-century manuscript’s graceful, powerfully drawn figures and saturated colors mark the arrival of the Romanesque style of painting in England. The windows from Canterbury, made toward the end of the century, represent this style at its apex and are the finest examples of English Romanesque glass that survive.”