The California Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the restoration, preservation and promotion of the artistic patrimony entrusted to the Vatican Museums, while furthering our members understanding and appreciation of such art through presentations, museum visits, gatherings, and visits to the Vatican.


We are currently raising funds to restore important art in Rome at the Vatican Museums. Learn more about this and other projects.

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Members  contribute annually to the support and preservation of artwork in the Vatican Museums in Vatican City and Rome.



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The California Patrons of the Vatican Museums is an interfaith, non-for-profit organization concerned with the protection, restoration and preservation of human history as it is contained in the great repository of art and artifact in the collections of the Vatican museums.


Abbey Event

Abbey Event

Patrons Feast On Venetian Masters

Patrons Feast On Venetian Masters

Napa Patrons Uncork For New Members

Napa Patrons Uncork For New Members

Successful North American Book Tour!

Successful North American Book Tour!

Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty

Patrons First 2014 Event At The Getty

Patrons Enjoy Double Header At Huntington

Patrons Enjoy Double Header At Huntington

Patrons Visit Slatoff Studio And Foundry

Patrons Visit Slatoff Studio And Foundry

Patrons Tour Florence Exhibition at The Getty

Patrons Tour Florence Exhibition at The Getty

St Mary Major

St Mary Major


  • emblemThe Creation

    On August 27, 1982, Father Miles O'Brien Riley officially announced the creation of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums. This would mark both the beginning of the California Chapter as well as the organization as a whole. Starting off as a committee of sixty members whose goal was to preserve the arts through the ages. What follows are some of our most proud preservation.

  • The Fire in the Borgo

    Raphael Raffaello Sanzio, Urbino 1483- Rome 1520 Fresco

  • a_capitalA Capital

    Early Third Century A.D. Marble

  • Silenus Cradling the Child Dionysus

    Roman copy After a Greek original 300 BC Marble

  • resurrection-of-lazarusThe Resurrection of Lazarus

    Girolamo Muziano 1555 Oil on canvas

  • doryphoros The Spear-Bearer

    Roman Copy After a Greek Bronze c.450-440 BC Marble

  • perfuginoPerugino

    Pietro Di Cristoforo Vannucci 1508 Fresco

  • AndreaThe Vision of Saint Romuald

    Andrea Sacchi 1631 Oil on canvas

  • ApoxyomenosThe Scraper

    Apoxyomenos After a Greek Bronze Original c.320-310 B.C. Marble

  • HermesHermes

    Roman Copy The Late fourth century B.C. Marble

  • MuseoSacrophagus with Polychrome Relief

    Etruscan Late Fift-Early Fourth Century B.C.

  • Donato-Bramante-Spiral-staircase-3-Staircase Donato Bramante

    Begun c. 1507 Villa Belvedere

  • x_crucifCrucifixion with Mary

    Andrea Da Firenze c. 1370-1377 Tempera on wood

  • paulMatthew 5-8

    Paul Gauguin c 1892 Painted wood sculpture

  • dead_chrThe Deceased Christ and the Adoration of the Infant Jesus

    Francescuccio Ghissi 1373 Tempera and gold on wood

  • downloadMadonna and Child between Saints Severino and Dominic

    Bernardino Di Mariotto Dello Stagno 1512 Tempera on canvas, transferred from wood

  • IMG_0160Sarcophagus of a Young Girl

    Rome C. A. D. 270-280 Marble

  • saint-michael5Monstrance with Saint Michael

    Second Half of the eighteenth century, Gilded bronze, silver gilded silver precious stone inlays

  • IMG_0161Monstrance with Grain

    Northern Italian 1750 Silver, partly gilded, and glass 1750

  • IMG_0163Reliquary of Saint Gregory Barbarigo

    Angelo Scarabello 1762 Gilded bronze and silver

  • IMG_0164 Two Angeles

    Luigi Di Pietro Capponi 1500 Marble

  • Passignano_-_The_Resurrection_-_WGA17079The Resurrection

    IL Passignano 1559 Oil on canvas

  • vatclaudiotMadonna Crowned, with the Christ Child and Angels

    Claudio Ridolfi 1600 Oil on Canvas

  • IMG_0165The Apparition of Saint Michael to Saint Gregory

    Agnolo Gaddi c. 1300 Tempera on wood

  • painting2Madonna and Child with Saints Thomas and Jerome

    Guido Reni 1637 Oil on canvas

  • perThe Consignment of the Keys

    Perugin Pietro Di Cristoforo Vannucci 1481-1482 Fresco

  • IMG_0167Virgin with Cross-Shaped Foliage

    Henri Matisse 1948 Black China ink and pencil on paper, mounted on canvas

  • IMG_0169Statuette of a Woman

    Etruscan Early Third Century Bronze

  • IMG_0170Sarcophagus of Anet

    Western Thebes 950 B.C. Plastered and painted acacia wood

  • IMG_0171Venus

    Magazzino Delle Corazze Second-First Century B.C. Marble

  • goghPieta

    Vincent Van Gogh Pieta 1889-1890 Oil on canvas

  • IMG_0172The Assumption of the Virgin

    Girolamo Siciolante Da Sermoneta c. 1570 Oil on wood

  • IMG_0173Martyrdom of Lorenzo Ruiz and His Companions

    Raffaele del Casal 1981 Oil on canvas

  • statuesStatues of Angels with Instruments

    Workshop of Gian Lorenzo Bernini

  • IMG_0175Cathedra of Saint Peter

    Germany 1974 Inlaid Oak

  • IMG_0176Potrait of Sixtus V

    Pietro Facchetti c.1590 Oil on canvas

  • 1Processional Cross

    School of Nicola Guardiagrele Fifteenth century Gilded Metals

  • 2Christ Pantocrator and Saints Peter and Paul

    Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples End of the Fourteenth Century Tempera on Wood

  • 3Pius VI at Prayer

    Antonio Canova 1817 Plaster

  • 4Sistine Chapel

    Patriachal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome 1580-1590

  • 5Funerary Urn of a Woman

    Volterra 125-100 B.C. Alabaster and calcarenite

  • 6The Red Horse

    Marino Marini 1953 Oil on wood

  • 7Madonna with Child Adored

    School of Ferrara c, 1566-1572 Oil on canvas

  • 8Statue of a Male

    Late First Century B.C. Hollow cast bronze

  • 9Brazier and Oven Rake

    Etruscan Fourth Century B.C. Bronze

  • 11Two Cabinets with Windows

    Luigi Valdier and Andrea Mimmi 1781-1997 Inlaid exotic woods, ivory, glass, quartz, crystal, marble, and bronze

  • 12Two Painted Globes

    Guilejelmus Janssonius Blaeu 1571 Inlaid papier-mache, wood and brass support system

  • madonna1Madonna and Child

    14th Century painted wood

  • estrucan2Truscan Ritual Brazier

    Necropolis of Vulci 4th Century BC

  • ushubuta2Ushabti Box

    Egypt 1070- 712 BC  decorated wooden yellow coffin

  • bucker1Bucker’s Kruzifixus

    Gerhard Heinrich Bucker 1970s Wood and gold leaf

  • boiler2Truscan Burial Caldron

    Necropolis of Sorbe in Cerveteri, 675 BC Cooper

  • globe17th Century Celestial Globe

    Willem Janszoon Blaeuw 17th Century Wood and brass structure

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